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In-person and online survey recruiting and market research

JMRS is one of Canada’s top survey recruiting and market research firms. We have helped conduct hundreds of surveys and deliver the highest quality respondents, from general consumers to the hard-to-find executives. JMRS can also manage all your survey needs from recruiting to facilities and moderation.

Paid Online Surveys

Our technology enables us to conduct paid surveys online to through a powerful and robust user interface. Panel members can be located anywhere in the world and participate with ease, delivering rich data insights.

What are surveys?

A survey is a list of questions aimed at extracting specific data from a particular group of people. Survey research is often used to assess thoughts, opinions, and feelings. In market research, they are used to meet the more pragmatic needs of the media, such as, in evaluating political candidates, consumer brands, and advertising strategy. A survey consists of a predetermined set of questions that is given to a sample. With a representative sample, that is, one that is representative of the larger population of interest, one can describe the attitudes of the population from which the sample was drawn.

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Toll-Free: 844-284-5489 | Toronto Office: 647-874-1508