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Green Initiatives

JMRS actively and proudly supports our environment by executing a number of eco-friendly initiatives. Our primary efforts to help the environment include, holding online surveys, using only recycled paper, and automating our administrative processes.

We understand that in today’s consumer society, waste is becoming a greater problem day by day. Our firm makes every effort to keep our waste to a minimum. At JMRS we use only 100% recyclable paper and soy-based inks. Our ink cartridges are properly disposed by with a local environmental waste company. When paper survey screeners are required, they are filled out in pencil, erased and used again and again. We are committed to recycling and reusing. To avoid unnecessary waste, we do not communicate with our clients/respondents by fax. All communications are done via email or over the phone.

Technology has made it possible to virtually remove paper from the workplace. Our research invitations are completed online and sent as a simple email to avoid paper waste.

We will continue to be vigilante in our efforts to protect the environment and build a better life for future generations :D

Toll-Free: 844-284-5489 | Toronto Office: 647-874-1508