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Market Research Toronto

JMRS is a full-service market research company in Canada. We offer personalized service and custom solutions to ensure both personal and business expectations are surpassed. Our team is committed to this experience and always look forward to accepting new partners.

  • Recruiting – Database of over 50,000 enrolled respondents.
  • Facilities – Facilities for all types of research studies, from focus groups to movie screenings.
  • Moderation – Professional and experienced moderators and facilitators.
  • Project Management – Dedicated personal assistance, when you need it.


Market research and recruiting is our strength, our bread and our butter. We offer top notch recruiting services to reputable companies throughout Ontario, specializing in the Greater Toronto Area.

puzzle-bluePersonal Assistance

For your convenience, someone will always be available outside “regular business hours”. We also understand that answering our phones at 11pm on a Saturday can mean filling your quota and finding that needle in a haystack. Rest assured, you can sleep easy knowing JMRS is on duty.

puzzle-greenSpeed & Accuracy

Our database is full of consumers and professionals across North America who have opted into our list. We keep their information fresh by regularly updating their profile and reaching out. We’re also able to provide our clients with practically any respondent based on a range of demographics, psychographics, and geographics. Our database is constantly expanding.

puzzle-redHonesty & Integrity

We’ve grown by providing excellent respondents and nurturing client relationships. This is largely due to training, quality assurance, and hiring honest recruiters who always act in our clients best interests. Our recruiters follow MRA/MRIA best practices and ethical guidelines.

Toronto Market Research & Focus Groups

Toronto's Market Research Respondents

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Market Research companies in Toronto are aware that with a population of 5.5 million in the GTA, Toronto is known as one of the most popular multicultural cities. More than 140 languages and dialects are spoken here. Out of those who reside in Toronto, more than 30% of speak a language other than English or French at home.


Toll-Free: 844-284-5489 | Toronto Office: 647-874-1508